Celebrating 30 Years!

Welcome to BCM Stars Majorettes

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Nurturing and encouraging our local community since 1988

BCM Stars are a voluntary majorettes dance team based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. 

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We pride ourselves on our determination, high standards, maintaining healthy discipline, respect and structure across all the whole troupe. 

This is complimented by our happy and friendly atmosphere. As a result you will discover a safe environment that supports health and wellbeing, fitness, confidence and self-esteem. You will also make lots of new friends when you join the Troupe. Our team ranges from age 2 to 39 -with no upper age limit. Therefore as long as you feel safe and ready to see what you can achieve, you’re welcome to join!

Our Troupes

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BCM Stars Baby, Dinky & Tiny Teams

Baby, Dinky & Tiny Teams

A great place to begin your Majorette training. So come and make new friends, learn dance skills and build your confidence.

Age 2 – 12

BCM Stars Junior Teams

Junior Teams

Build on your dance skills, keep fit and be part of a great supportive team. This will help you learn Pom, Freestyle and more.

Up to 16 years of Age

BCM Stars Senior Teams

Senior Teams

Build and maintain your fitness levels, grow your confidence, be part of a strong team and enjoy. A supportive and fun team!

Any Age.


What People Are Saying

Majorettes is like the second family I never had. No matter how bad I feel I know they will be there to keep me company and put a smile on my face. Majorettes has taught me many skills and tricks I never thought I could do. I’ve learned to do tricks with a baton and and be myself with poms. Throughout the 3 years I’ve been with majorettes I know I can always count on them to be by my side. No matter what they love me for me and they are part of my happiness.

BCM Stars Dancer

My life is so much better with BCM Stars in it. I moved from Middlesbrough to Dewsbury and didn’t know anyone. 11 years later my daughter and I are still here. I couldn’t have better friends!

BCM Stars Mum

My mummy likes majorettes because she can talk to other mums. I have my bestest friends here. I like the pom pom dancing the best.

BCM Stars Baby Dancer